A date has been set for a 2015 Kilowan Reunion! 

Mark your calendars on May 23rd for a gathering at Kilowan.  It sounds like cabin tours, hiking, and picnic lunches are all on the schedule.

See the Facebook invite for all the details and to RSVP to the organizers.

Click here for the Facebook invite.



11 responses to “Reunion

  1. Kia Dallons

    Looking good! Thanks for doing this!

  2. Mona Badura

    When can we start?

  3. Diane Paxson Branson

    Would love to be involved. I was there from 1960 to 1981 (missed the yrs 1975, 76 & 79). My camp name was Chicory. Camper, CIT, counselor and camo nurse.

  4. Karen Wheeler Taylor

    Count me in. Karen Wheeler Taylor “Kiwi”

  5. Karen Wheeler Taylor "Kiwi"

    Everyone. If you haven’t seen it – check out The Great Camp Kilowan page on Facebook.

  6. Jan Gentry-Kailey

    I was thinking about the wonderful times and great friends at Camp Kilowan that I have lost touch with. I was delighted to find camp folks on the Facebook site and would love to attend a reunion. I was a CIT and camper way back in the 60’s. Jan (Thad) Gentry-Kailey

    • LaVon Guneyli

      Jan, LaVon (Dimples) here fellow cit from the 60’s. I remember you well. What are you doing these days.

  7. Jan Calvin (Jasper)

    Camp is in the process of being sold to the Mormon Church. Perhaps Kobies will answer the questions of little campers once again…

  8. Karen

    Hi. This is Karen (Wheeler) Taylor also known as Kiwi in the late 60’s. I am so excited about this. I’m so ready for reunion. I am in contact with most of the CIT’s from ’67-’68. Keep me posted. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

  9. Jamie Rodgers

    I use to attend camp in the late 80’s with campfire,its where I grew up! Such a shame its closed.

    • Karen

      Yes it is sad it is no longer a Camp Fire camp. But it will be used as a camp for girls by the LDS church & they are kind enough to allow Kilowan alumni time for reunions. We will have another in the Spring I hope. If you are on Facebook check out The Great Camp Kilowan.

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