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Looking for more photos?  Many photos have been uploaded by past staff and campers to the Kilowan Facebook page here.

The photos below were contributed by Lorette Koenig Waggoner.

60 foot falls (2005)

Covered Rec. (2005)

Trees (2005)

At the Lake (2005)


These are all photos I took at the alumni reunion weekend. I shot with film and then re-shot with a digital camera, so forgive any fuzziness. Enjoy! -Larken

Click to enlarge:

little-red-cabin.jpg next-generation.jpg chapel.jpg

memorials.jpg kilowan-forest.jpg teal-door.jpg

teal-backside.jpg on-the-way.jpg blue-bird.jpg bluebird-backside.jpg

alderea-5.jpg alderea-3.jpg alderea.jpg

alderea-b.jpg carpenters-cabin.jpg greenwood.jpg

greenwood-fire-ring.jpg eeyore-bridge.jpg piglet-bridge.jpg

bonnie-briar.jpg bonnie-briar-2.jpg loch-lomond.jpg

covered-rec.jpg kilowan-map.jpg kiloqua.jpg

kiloqua-2.jpg flagpole.jpg teal-creek-with-kids.jpg

teal-creek-b.jpg teal-creek-a.jpg


Camp Kilowan – Bluebird 1971 from Liz King:



15 responses to “Photos

  1. Bea Curl

    This is absolutley fantastic!!! I worked at Camp Kilowan when I was in high Schoo(1978, 1979, 1980) as well as I was a camp Fire girl at Kilowan as a kid. This website brought back great memories of a place that holds a very special place in my life.
    I have a few other friends from the 70s that I’ll share this with.

  2. David's Friend Russ

    Hi! I went to Camp Kilowan during a pilot program in the early 1970’s when a select group of boys were allowed. Does anybody remember more details? I was about 8 or 9 at thetime. I got to spend two summersin a row at camp, and I have very hazy, but very fond memoriesof the experience!

  3. trinity roberts


  4. Kerrie Sauer Lally

    Oh dear.. the memories these pictures invoke..dipping candles, fairy boats on the lake, singing to the top of our lungs..kidnapping each other from different cabins and going polar bear swimming..toast parties…how much sweet yummy stuff can you get onto one piece of toast??

    • I remember the summers there. My family would go over the week before camp started and my dad would do repairs to the different buildings that needed repair. We would stay at Bluebird lodge.

  5. Jeff

    My daughter is going up with our church group tomorrow, and is very excited to go. This looks like a great campsite.

  6. monica

    Best memories ever! I loved the outdoor chapel!

  7. Laurie Kuhn

    Why do I remember it being called Camp Kilowana? I went there as a Campfire girl around 1960…

  8. Diane Gissel

    A counselor summer of ’74 sixth grade girls…fabulous…last days of innocence….

  9. Taune Lucero

    I went to Camp Kilowan several years as a Campfire Girl. I remember the first time we heard the boys. They were singing in the woods. My fondest memories were made at this camp. Our leaders were fearless and tough but loving, kind and protective. I loved the little wood “boats” we made with moss, flowers and rocks, a candle lit on each one, a ceremony with song and then finally letting each little log float into the lake. It was so pretty to see all the twinkling candles at night on the water. My first Polar bear swim was in that lake…oh what memories!

  10. Monica Matthews

    Is this camp still open does anyone know? I live in Idaho now and I am coming to Oregon for a visit. I would love to go explore. I have so many great memories also with my blue bird group and our school used to do “Outdoor School” there. My friend and I escaped the group some how and we were playing around the outdoor worship/prayer area. I just remember some benches or logs to sit on and a cross….. and we were in such a state of pretend play, that we convinced our selves that we saw tiny dancing fairies all over the place. Maybe we did. 1976

  11. cfgcamphistories

    When did Camp Kilowana close? My blog about Camp Fire Girls’ camps is at: .

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