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Moon On the Meadow

Moon on the meadow, bugs in our ears,
Smoke in our eyes, wet wood and tears,
On up the meadow, water somewhere,
We were the only ones there.

Wild horses rushing, dry lakes and peaks
Finding the love that everyone seeks
Hiking to rainbows, sunsets and stars
Just finding out who we are.


We will return here, some lucky day
Our hearts will guide us, they know the way.
People in cities just don’t understand,
Falling in love with the land.

Moon on the meadow, bugs in our ears
Smoke in our eyes, wet wood and tears
On up the meadow, water somewhere
With you my friend, I am there.

– Was it Kilowan that called me back to the Oregon Coast Mountains? I’m living in amongst the trees in a cabin-like yurt with a camp fire ring out my new front door. Down the hill is the meadow that has been inspiring me to hum this song to myself the past few days as I go to feed the chickens. The moon was still bright this morning as I made my way down there.

And of course this song reminds me of my sister and one of her Totem years when they used it to tell the story of their off-site trip. Does anyone remember the lyrics to these songs that told of adventures off-site?



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Reunion Update

Just a reminder about the September Kilowan Alumni Reunion.  Please contact Cathy Bourson at arbour1@ if you are planning on attending.  The Willamette Council appears to be in the process of selling the property to the LDS Church.  If the sale happens prior to the Reunion, it may be canceled.

Thanks!  Larken

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