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A Gift

I have a little present here for you inside this tiny bottle ,so very small and blue.
please do not uncork it or everyting will get away.
I thought you might like your own summer’s day
to put it on away.

I’d be pleased if you didn’t ask why I gave this gift to you.
Don’t know myself , did it on a whim, as the thought came runnin’ through.
Thought it might make you happy in a summertime sort of way .
And I thought you might like your own summer’s day ,
to put it on away.

Now, can you read the writing on this tiny bottle wall?
I know it’s quite small but I can read it all.
It says… she who is a readin’ me and lookin’ at my side, might be interested at what lies inside.
it holds one breath of a butterfly, and
one ray from the sun, and
lots ‘n’ lots of laughter from little children’s fun.
So- don’t you dare uncork me
or everything will get away.
I’d like to hold on to my own summer’s day
……………to put it on away………

Thanks for the addition of this one Finnigan!  -Larken



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Kilowan Alumni Reunion 2007

alumni reunion postcard

Planning is underway for the 2007 Kilowan Alumni Reunion tentatively scheduled for early September of this year. Be sure to contact Cathy at the above e-mail if you plan on attending in case plans change before the weekend arrives.

If you aren’t able to e-mail her leave a comment here and I’ll get you her phone number.


Please note that the 2007 Reunion has been canceled. Please see this post for further information.


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