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If anyone is keeping up with this space, I thank you. I’m attempting to add a guestbook for everyone to be able to post comments in one place, but due to the constraints of using a blog for this project I’m running into a few minor issues,mostly because I don’t have access to the html. Anyhow, things may look a little different over time, but the purpose is the same. To share memories of Kilowan and keep the spirit alive. Thanks for bearing with me.



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On the Loose

Did you ever watch the sunrise turn the sky completely red,
Have you slept beneath the moon and stars, a pine bough for your bed,
Did you sit and talk with friends, though a word was never said,
Then you’re just like me and you’ve been on the loose.

On the loose to climb a mountain,
On the loose where I am free.
On the loose to live my life, the way I think my life should be,
For I’ve only got a moment and a whole world yet to see.
I’ll be looking for tomorrow on the loose.

There’s a trail that I’ll be hiking just to see where it might go.
Many places yet to visit, many people yet to know,
For in following in my dreams, I will live and I will grow,
On a trail that’s waiting out there on the loose.


So in search of love and laughter, I’ll be traveling cross this land
Never sure of where I’m going, for I haven’t got a plan,
So in time when you are ready, come and join me, take my hand,
And together we’ll share life out there on the loose.



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The life of a voyager,
that of a sojourner,
Travels around and round,
but not from town to town.
Travels the lakes and streams,
follows his distant dreams.
Peace on the water ways,
blue skies and no cloudy days.

My heart has but one home,
From which I’ll never roam,
Land of true happiness, Kilowan wilderness.

The cry of the lonely loon,
Coyotes howling at the moon,
Wind rustling through the trees,
That’s a Kilowan breeze.
Smoke rising from the fire,
Up to the moon in stately spires,
All is well in the evening’s glow,
Sun goes down and north wind blows.

My heart has but one home,
From which I’ll never roam,
Land of true happiness, Kilowan wilderness.

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Alumni Weekend

I didn’t want anyone to miss the invite to the Kilowan Alumni Weekend in September so I’m re-posting Rhett’s comment left on one of the previous posts. Consider yourself invited! (Note that I have change the @ in the e-mail addresses below to “at” in order to avoid e-mail spam.)  -Larken

…Eveyone reading, please consider yourself invited to the annual Alumni Weekend. This year it’s September 8-9-10 at Camp. Cathy Bourson (Chuckles) is taking reservations. You can sleep in a cabin, the meadow, or just come for the day. Cost is $15 per night, per person and a $5 for daytime only attendance (It helps us keep paying for postage and keeping folks informed). Bring the family and share Kilowan with your kids. Call or email Cathy if you want to come: 503-363-4351 or arbour1 at or you can call or email me at 541-554-4227 or lorette at I keep a list of addresses & email for these mailings, so if you want added to it, just let us know! I hope to see you all soon! We also try to gather in the spring, usually the weekend after Memorial Day…. so keep that on your calendar too.


Rhet (Lorette Koenig Waggoner)

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Kilowan, Kilowan,
in friendship, we gather
to sing by, the shores of, the lake.
The night birds, are calling,
night soon will be falling,
as waves off the shore softly break.

While out to, the westward,
some just view the sunset,
for those who have eyes and can see.
The angels, have lighted,
a fire for, Kilowan.
A camp fire, for you and, for me.


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