a space for kilowan

I hope you found this space because you know Camp Kilowan. You know the dusty roads in the summer and the meadow dew in the morning. You know the songs sung in Teal and around the camp fire. You know the laughter of the kids in the lake and hushed whispers after dark in the bunks.

I hope you found this space because you too are seeking a glimpse of the Kilowan you remember. My idea is to create a space that Kilowan alumni can share and reconnect in. If you are willing to help add your thoughts and memories and photos, I think we can create here some semblance of the community we have grown apart from.

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11 responses to “a space for kilowan

  1. Peggy Lindburg

    What a wonderful surprise to find this little slice of Kilowan! Going to camp as a girl was the best part of my childhood, my happiest memories. Kilowan was a lifeline for me for 10 years as a camper. I still very often think about it and miss it. Songs I learned at Kilowan were the lullabies I sang to my children for years. They know Walk Shepherdess Walk, Wee Baby Moon, Barges, Kilowan, Seven Golden Daffodils, and any others. I even wrote them all in a book for my daughter. I have thought many times of trying to see if I could find Kilowan again; my friend and I who were counselors together would love to go back. But I’m afraid it would be so changed that it would break my heart. My last year up there was 1977.
    I have so many wonderful memories of times at Kilowan. Fairy boats on the lake after Friday night council fire. The serenity and beauty of the chapel. Creek hiking. Going on the ridge hike and shouting “hey lop lop!” to the camp far away. Toast parties, shepherd’s pie, bibble and squib, smores, and darn goods. Sleepouts in the meadow under a blanket of stars. Earning my IOAPF and IOAFS awards, then making the little metal badges in the craft house to put on my tie. Singing around a campfire. The Indian legends at council fire. Skinny dipping in the lake.
    Does anyone else out there have any of these same memories?
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Lorette (Koenig) Waggoner

    Thank you Larkin for this great idea. Eveyone reading, please consider yourself invited to the annual Alumni Weekend. This year it’s September 8-9-10 at Camp. Cathy Bourson (Chuckles) is taking reservations. You can sleep in a cabin, the meadow, or just come for the day. Cost is $15 per night, per person and a $5 for daytime only attendance (It helps us keep paying for postage and keeping folks informed). Bring the family and share Kilowan with your kids. Call or email Cathy if you want to come: 503-363-4351 or arbour1 at juno.com or you can call or email me at 541-554-4227 or lorette at oip.net. I keep a list of addresses & email for these mailings, so if you want added to it, just let us know! I hope to see you all soon! We also try to gather in the spring, usually the weekend after Memorial Day…. so keep that on your calendar too.
    Rhet (Lorette Koenig Waggoner)
    PS Larkin, I have a BUNCH of photos from the last 5 – 7 years of these alumni gatherings. I can email them to you or send you a cd if you’d like….just email me back.

  3. Heffalump (Rachel)

    What is the tie that binds us
    Friends of the long, long trail?
    Just this: we have shared the weather,
    We have slumbered side by side,
    And friends who have camped together
    Shall never again divide.
    I didn’t leave Oregon until Kilowan closed, and I have worked many camps since them, some of which capture the same spirit as Kilowan did. But part of my heart is there, in the roaring sounds of teal creek from Alderea #5, in the cold clear water below 60′ falls, in the fairy boats reflecting on the still water of the lake, in the songs sung late around the glowing embers. I’ll never stop missing those memories, and searching for them everywhere I go.
    Kilowan Love,
    Heffalump/Rachel Castor
    @ Kilowan from 1985 – 1999

  4. Chris Bergerson "Kringle"

    Woconda Lives! What a nice surprise. As a CIT (1964-1965) and counselor at Kilowan I have many fond memories of not only resident camp but of Kilowan being a place of friendship and growth: our CFG group writing a senior paper on utopias called “Kilopia” one weekend in the staff lodge; as a counselor in Alderea I was a part of the group that held the record for the staff “bloop cup”; Kracker’s wedding in the chapel with the creek burbling in the background; running into Albee on the trail to siding rock; holding an alternative senior prom weekend for all those that didn’t have a date that weekend; long walks in the dark to tipee unit and running into cows in the dark; the Jiminy Cricket in the CIT lodge and the 3 tier bunks; swimming with the salamanders and skinny dipping during broad daylight; the long talks on the roof at “rest hour”; the wonderful campfires on Friday night….and all of the campers who shared their enthusiam and lessons with me. I became a professional Girl Scout after teaching, a lot due to the early mentoring of Mary Lewis, the Executive Director during my tenure there. She showed me that you could become a “professional camper” and more…and that you should be true to your dreams.

  5. These comments made me cry. I, too, am nostalgic and sentimental and hold Kilowan close to my heart, still. I have sung Barges and Odin and Seven Golden Daffodils to my children as lullabies. I was there in the early 70’s for 5 years, 4th grade-8th grade; in my last year the pool was built and you could pee in a real toilet. I thought Kilowan lost something at that point. I remember suzy squishes and fairy footprints and friends you thought you’d know forever, painting our bare chests in the teepees and then running around the fields, and mostly, singing in the lodge after dinner. Those songs have informed my sentimental soul for all these years. Thank you, sweet Kilowan. Girls need a space apart….. I’m not sure there are places like that anymore.

  6. Mell Schoening

    I found you because I googled IOAPF— And here you are. My camp experience is from Robbinswold (GScout) in Wash state.(1948-53) You may be interested to know that we have annual chapter meetings of the IOAPF where folks need to “re up” by showing their skill w/ 3 flapjacks and singing the song. Also I didn’t check your song list, but Robbinswold is where “Linger” was written. same era.

    • IOAPF????? Whoa! What a blast from the past. Robbinswold??? Were you my counselor? I became a member of the IOAPF at least two years running…. probably on a hike to Flapjack Lakes.

      • Mell Schoening

        We just had our re-up meeting of the IOAPF, Arrowhead chapter so I found your comment. My camp name was Begone (short for Begonia—don’t ask) I was UL of BBay in ’53 which was my last year at RR. Are you in the Puget Sound Area? I would love to have songfest w/ someone who knows the same songs as are in my songbook.

  7. What a wonderful site! I set up a page here on FB called Colorado Camp Fire Girls. The memories from Camp Fire have stayed with so many of us over the years. Please keep in touch. WOHELO CoCo Taggart

  8. james aho

    Sorry the camp has been closed. In 1969 I was the camp handy man. Best summer I ever had. My camp name was Monty because I was from Montana. Watched the moon landing at the Taylors and had fun with the canoes on Taylors pond. Made a lot of friends that summer and everyone was wonderful. Remember the mess hall and the great food. There was a lot of love in that place and I think of it often. Not many 17 year old guys get an opportunity like that. Once in a lifetime. I was young and mostly innocent.
    Ah, but innocence was lost shortly after, but in retrospect, sure was nice while it lasted. Anyone from that time may contact me and we can talk about old times. Hope this finds most of you well and still around somewhere.

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